Customer service is something that is often overlooked or considered trivial. There are some industries, however, that consider customer service to be their raison d’etre. This includes the hospitality industry, especially restaurants. The focus here is usually on the food but if they find the customer service to be unsatisfactory, it just takes away from the entire experience. A good experience cannot be complete without awesome service. Here are a few things for you to remember:

Always train your waiters properly. They are representing your restaurant and essentially selling your products and selling an experience. If they are badly behaved or can’t take orders efficiently, you are going to get a lot of complaints. They also have the important job of relaying the patron’s requests to the kitchen. If they mess that up, diners are not going to have a good time.

Personality should be accompanied by common sense, as waiters must have the intuition to know what diners and clients need and to provide it. This could be something as simple as water before eating or an extra fork if there are two people and one dessert.

Food should always be served on hot plates. Food takes time to be prepared and no one would want to be served delicious food on a cold plate. This also helps ensure the food stays warm longer and people can enjoy it more. This small change could end up making all the difference with your customers.

The size of portions that are served to customers can make a big difference too. Even though not every customer will be able to finish their food, they can always get it packed and take it home. That’s always better as compared to not being satisfied at the end of the meal. Guess which situation will have people more inclined to return. Always keep these tips in mind.