Owning restaurants can be quite demanding. You must keep your customers happy with good food and keeping your kitchen clean while offering excellent customer service. Fresh ingredients as well as preparation take a restaurant from good to great. Sunflower oil can really come in handy in the kitchen and is very popular amongst South African households and chefs. Here are some of the things you can do with sunflower oil:


Deep frying in sunflower oil is quite common on because of its high smoking point and temperature. It can be used for onion rings, French fries, chicken, battered fish and more. However, it’s important for pure sunflower oil to be used and never to reuse it. Reusing it will lower the intensity and could also have multiple health risks.


Sunflower oil can come in handy when it comes to roasting too. It adds lovely brown colors and makes almost every dish crispy. When chefs prepare a roast chicken, they just need to add the oil to the roasting pan and even coat the chicken using the oil before adding some spice to it.


This is another common use for sunflower oil. Most meals are cooked in oil and sunflower oil is a popular choice for many chefs. There are a lot of wonderful dishes which are prepared with sunflower oil including casserole, biryani, curry, and stew.


Lastly, sunflower oil can also be used for baking. If you’ve never added sunflower oil to your baking, you’re missing out on a fluffy cake or moist cookies. The type of oil that is used also determines the lightness and texture of cakes. Sunflower oil can make cakes lighter and complements various other ingredients which will only make the cake taste better.

Sunflower oil also offers a number of health benefits